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The First Lighting Of Eddystone Lighthouse | The History Of The Eddystone Lighthouse



eddystone lighthouse

The Eddystone Lighthouse is located on the Eddystone Rocks, which are located off the coast of Plymouth, England. The lighthouse has a rich and storied history, dating back to the late 17th century.

  1. First lighthouse (1698): The first Eddystone Lighthouse was built by Henry Winstanley and was the first lighthouse to be built on the open sea. It was made of wood and was destroyed in a storm in 1703.
  2. Second lighthouse (1709): The second Eddystone Lighthouse was also built by Winstanley and stood until 1755 when it was destroyed in a storm.
  3. Third lighthouse (1759): The third and current Eddystone Lighthouse was designed by John Smeaton and was first lit on October 16, 1759. It was the first lighthouse to be built of stone and used hydraulic lime, a new building material at the time, which made the structure much stronger and durable.
  4. Modernization (1882-1890): The lighthouse was modernized and enlarged in the late 19th century to accommodate the increasing size of ships and to improve the visibility of the light.
  5. Automation (1982): In 1982, the lighthouse was fully automated, and the keepers were withdrawn.

Today, the Eddystone Lighthouse is a symbol of maritime safety and is a popular tourist destination. It is still an active lighthouse and is managed by the Trinity House, the organization responsible for maintaining lighthouses in England and Wales.

Where is the Eddystone Lighthouse located?

Eddystone Lighthouse, lighthouse, celebrated in folk ballads and seamen’s lore, standing on the Eddystone Rocks, 14 miles off Plymouth, England, in the English Channel.

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Complete Dubai Visa Guide For UK Citizens




British citizens need visa for Dubai

Dubai is one of the most famous cities in the world, and people get easily attracted to visit or migrate to this place. Be it for studies, for vacations, or for settling purposes, Dubai is likely to suit each and every one of them. However, to visit Dubai, one needs to arrange the VISA in an appropriate way. 

Arranging for the VISA is not an easy task, and several things need to be taken care of for this part. However, there can be several ways in which you can get your VISA for Dubai. The VISA requirements vary for individuals of different countries, and this topic holds information on VISA guides for citizens of the UK. 

Also, in the situation of COVID, the VISA guide has been altered, and there are some separate arrangements that need to be prepared to get the VISA for Dubai for UK citizens. The points below hold information on how UK citizens can travel to Dubai. 

Things you need to know-

  1. You can get your VISA at the airport.

Being a UK citizen, you can get your VISA as soon as you reach Dubai’s airport. No matter if you are visiting Dubai for business purposes or traveling purposes, you can get done with your VISA requirements at the Dubai airport. However, you are required to carry your identification documents with you. 

  1. Make sure that you are eligible.

Every country has some policies that need to be followed accordingly to get the hands-on their country’s VISA, and the same goes with Dubai, UAE. For this, you need to make sure that you are fully eligible to get the VISA of Dubai. You can get an expert on your side who has the required knowledge for this part. 

  1. Pre-arranged VISA

You can also get your VISA arranged before planning your visit to Dubai. All you need to do is arrange for your colored photograph along with a valid passport. The only thing that would be left is filling out a form and booking your tickets to Dubai.

Requirement for VISA

  1. A form for invitation if you are sponsored by a permanent resident

Apart from the above conditions, you can also get a VISA for Dubai if any individual holding a permanent residence in Dubai sponsors you. For this, you need to carry the form or letter along with your passport.

  1. Travel record

To get a VISA for Dubai, you can show proof of your travel records to Dubai. This can assure you with your VISA, and you can travel without any difficulties. However, this can work out well for you if you have visit proofs lasting up to the past 5 years. 

  1. Financial proofs

For those who cannot make up for the above two steps, the last option left is showing financial proof or records to get qualified for Dubai’s VISA. You need to show proof that for your yearly income more than rupees 2 lakh, no matter if it’s your own business or you work in a job. Banking proofs holding an amount of more than 5 lakh can also work conveniently to help you get a VISA for Dubai.

End Thoughts:- Getting a VISA for any country can be a challenging task and requires a lot of paperwork. However, these policies can vary from different nations and cities and people who are demanding for a VISA. However, if British citizens need a VISA for Dubai, the above information can help with any challenges faced in the process. The above criteria need to be followed accordingly to make sure that everything works as desired.

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Where Is Dubai On The World Map & Which Country Dubai Is Located




best place to stay in Dubai

All of you must be aware of the famous city, Dubai, and how much it has developed in the past few years. However, a thing that you must be unaware of is where Dubai is on the map and what religion is Dubai following

This topic is likely to wash off all your confusion related to Dubai’s location and what religion it follows. We have collected information on the exact location of Dubai on the world map and where it is located.

Location and religion information on Dubai

  1. Dubai is located in the most developed country in the world, i.e. UAE, and you can find it on the Coast of the Persian Gulf and in the north-western area of UAE. 
  2. On the map, Dubai is surrounded by Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the Persian Gulf. Amongst all the emirates in UAE, Dubai is known to be the most populated one. 
  3. A religion that is followed by the majority in Dubai is Islam. You will find about 80% of people following Islam in Dubai. The rest can be non-Islamic people who have traveled from different nations around the world. 
  4. Islam is the only official religion followed by the residents of Dubai. No religion is banned in Dubai, and every religion is equally treated in Dubai, and everyone living in Dubai should respect Islam. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above information was enough to brief you with the exact location of Dubai. The above points also display information related to the religion followed by people in Dubai. To get to know about Dubai’s location on the map, you can go through the above points in detail. Things can work out better if you have a world map along with you for the locating task.

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10 Important Rules for First Time Tourists to Dubai (Rules for Tourists must follow in Dubai)




Rules for Tourists must follow in Dubai

Dubai is unlike any other tourist destination you have explored in the world. The city in UAE occupies a maximum of the world’s heritage sites. Thus, a tourist’s visit to the city is quite common nowadays. But before you enter the city, make sure you know that the rules and conditions to live, travel and explore Dubai are unlike your country. There are specific Rules that Tourists must follow in Dubai. If you have been found disrespecting these rules, you may drop yourself into unwanted trouble. 

All those essential rules are as follows. So take a look. 

1. Inappropriate Clothes are Prohibited

If your clothes aren’t appropriate to the Islamic Culture that Dubai follows, you fall into big trouble. Mainly if you are a female traveler, wearing clothes that reveal the maximum of your body parts is unacceptable to Dubai’s officials. 

2. Restrictions In the Month of Ramadan

Be more careful and respectful in the month of Ramadan. In these sacred months, no Islamists eat, chew, or drink any kind of beverage. Thus, make sure, being a tourist, you aren’t eating or drinking anything in public.  

3. Loud Music Isn’t Allowed.

Dubai’s rules and regulations have been built on strict Islamic laws and restrictions. Parties are unlike any other loud-music celebration. However, Music is allowed to play in rooms or party areas but under certain conditions. 

4. Never Swear

Dubai doesn’t believe in swearing. Indeed it is considered a wrongful act if you swear for something standing in the middle of Dubai. Islamic law that Dubai follows is very sensitive about swearing. Ask any Islamic friend in Dubai, they may give you a better explanation on it. 

5. Reserve Tickets for Burj Khalifa

If you have ambitions to watch Dubai standing at the world’s top at Burj Khalifa and don’t want to waste your time standing in the long queues, then make sure you reserve tickets online. It can extend hours if you opt for an offline reservation. 

6. Stay Protected from Dubai’s Summer Heat

One of the essential Rules Tourists must follow in Dubai is to avoid visiting the city in summer. The blistering hot summer heat waves may make it hard for you to stay in the city. Still, make sure all arrangements are made if you have made a plan. 

7. No Casino In Dubai

There’s no Casino in Dubai. However, the lighting shows and bright multi-colored decoration on the shop fronts and malls may trick you, but they aren’t casinos. In the entire UAE, no casinos are available. 

8. Be Mindful when Shopping in Dubai

There are large shopping malls and complexes available in the city. Still, you are advised to be mindful when shopping in Dubai. These shops could be tempting enough to seduce you for purchase as maximum shops belong to big brands.  

9. No Alcohol when driving

Since Dubai follows strict Islamic rules to maintain a disciplined environment in the city, alcohol while driving is strictly prohibited. Any person found driving while being drunk may be punished as per Islamic laws. 

10. Sunday is Working Day

Thursday is off in the city, but Sundays are a working day. So make sure you don’t miss any meeting or important work in Dubai, assuming the day is Sunday. You can also take help from Dubai’s unique calendar to avoid complexities. 


These are some of the essential Rules that Tourists must follow in Dubai. Each rule respects the Islamic laws as the city comes under UAE. So make sure you do remember these little things and don’t make your visit to Dubai the most terrible experience of your life.

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