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Dune Part Two



Dune Two

“Dune: Part Two” is the anticipated sequel to the 2021 science fiction film “Dune,” directed by Denis Villeneuve. It continues the adaptation of Frank Herbert’s iconic 1965 novel “Dune,” which follows the journey of Paul Atreides, a young nobleman with special abilities, as he navigates political intrigue, power struggles, and a desert planet called Arrakis, known for its valuable resource known as “spice.”

The sequel is expected to pick up where the first film left off, continuing Paul’s story as he embraces his destiny and faces new challenges and adversaries on Arrakis. It will delve deeper into the complex world of “Dune,” exploring themes of politics, religion, and environmentalism against the backdrop of a richly imagined science fiction universe.

“Dune: Part Two” features an ensemble cast, including Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides, Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica, Zendaya as Chani, Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides, Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck, and many others.

Fans of the “Dune” series and science fiction enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of “Dune: Part Two” to see how the story unfolds and to experience the continuation of Villeneuve’s visually stunning and thought-provoking adaptation.

dune part two release date – 1 March 2024

Dune Part Two movie reviews: 4/5


Dune Part Two movie rating: 4 stars

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Why Filmmakers Love Dubai | An Alternative to Hollywood




Filmmakers Hollywood

You may have seen so many Bollywood movies in which you get to watch the Dubai sceneries and places. From Bang Bang to Mission Impossible and Fast & Furious, the movies are shot in Dubai. The place indulges in exotic localities and beautiful landscapes, so Dubai becomes the favorite destination for movies. 

Dubai is tremendously gaining attention due to its scenic beauties, which are as follows: 

1. Diverse Environment 

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have become the most famous destinations for Bollywood to shoot movies. It is surrounded by scenic deserts such as Burj Khalifa and other places. Moreover, you get professionally trained local vendors who can easily be a part of the movies. 

For years, the UAE has worked with film crews, fixers, and recruiters in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the neighboring territories and has a variety of preferred production businesses. The mission is to make every stage of the filmmaking process; this includes assisting you with language challenges, ensuring you follow local laws and traditions, and having everything the UAE offers.

2. Stability in Production Services in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, over 1,000 films have been shot. It’s no surprise, given all of the government incentives. So, where might you get glimpses of this flourishing, diversified country in Hollywood films? 

In Star Wars Episode VII, the Empty Quarter Desert in Abu Dhabi portrayed planet Jakku. Dubai’s grandeur was shown on Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, while the Etihad Towers were included in Fast & Furious 7’s now-famous leap scene. Whether you’re searching for a futuristic or natural backdrop, the place has got everything. 

3. Ample of Arabic Views 

Dubai is like an all-in-one place for Bollywood movies and an alternative to Hollywood. Here, one can have a glimpse of the Arabic night scenes and ample of local professional Arabic dancers who can be a part of the movies. The Bollywood movies also reflect the same and make their movies more impressive without going to multiple locations. 

Of course, not to forget the desert scenes you may have seen in many movies. The majority of them are shot in Dubai. 

The UAE is also a significant source of box office income for Bollywood films, such as Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Happy New Year,’ which received 31% of its international earnings from the UAE, making it the film’s largest overseas market. SRK was also in the Emirates to promote his new flick, Raees.

4. Iconic Landmarks 

The desert for action scenes; the Dubai Creek area, Sheikh Zayed Road, parks and beaches for songs shooting; and iconic locations such as the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai International Airport, which is the biggest International Airport and the Palm Jumeirah have all proven to be highly popular locations for films to shoot.

Bottom Line 

These are a few reasons filmmakers love Dubai as the alternative to Hollywood. The place offers the best movie locations, picturesque areas, and local professionals, making this place the perfect destination to shoot Bollywood movies. 

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Most Popular December Global Festivities and Holidays




december global festivities

There can be no country, city or region in this world where holidays and festivals are not loved by the citizens. There are some holidays and festivals that are celebrated globally in almost every country or region out there. It is known that the majority of global festivals and holidays lie in December. 

December brings along with it all the happy times experienced by every individual in this world, leaving out a few. Compared to all the happy times in the rest of the year, December global festivities are known to be the best ones, along with being the most loved ones. 

There can be several reasons why the month of December is considered the happiest one. In this topic, you are going to get every possible piece of information related to holidays and festivals falling in the month of December, celebrated globally. The things you were waiting for so long are about to begin now.

December global festivities and holidays

  1. Christmas

The very first on our list is Christmas, which is joyfully celebrated in the majority of countries out there. Along with being a global festival, many countries also keep some days off as holidays, both for work as well as for educational institutes. At this festival, people exchange gifts with each other, especially for their small ones, and great parties are organized. 

  1. Hanukkah

The second best global festival after Christmas is Hanukkah. This festival is majorly celebrated by the Jewish people, and people also enjoy holidays for approx 8 days and enjoy with their family and close friends. Hanukkah is celebrated in about 20 countries around the world by cooking special food items like potato pancakes.  

  1. World AIDS Day

All of you must be aware of the common issue of AIDS among the young youth who are not aware of the appropriate safety measures. Even now, most people are not aware of this serious disease and continue to practice the same things without precautions. For this, World AIDS Day is fixed on the first day of December, and this day is organized to be off for every individual. The main and the only aim for this day is to spread awareness and keep people safe from HIV/AIDS. 

  1. St. Nicholas Day

On every 5th December, St. Nicholas Day is celebrated all over the world, keeping a few countries aside. The main celebrations start on the eve of this day, and everyone shares candies, sweets, chocolates and even small gifts. This day is considered a lot the same as Christmas, and this festival is a lot popular amongst children. 

Final Thoughts

The above information shared a list of global festivals and holidays that are celebrated with joy and happiness in a majority of countries out there. Apart from the above 4 festivities, there are far more included in the global holiday and festivity list. You can surf the internet to get to know more about these. The main thing you need to know is that these festivals are categorized within different regions and religions.

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New LEGO Launches at Smyths Toys




Smyths Toys

LEGO toys have always been on the good notes of children out there. Unlike the other toys, LEGOs have some meaning to play with and provide the most favorable experience ever. No matter how bored one is, LEGOs can always help spend noticeable time playing with them.

Every child is always on the watch for new LEGO toys, and the latest ones get instantly available at Smyths Toys. No matter at what time you visit Smyths Toys, you will always get back to your home with the latest edition of LEGO with you. 

Even the latest ones on the current date are available in remarkable quantities at Smyths Toys, and you can always get your desires for LEGO fulfilled. 

Latest LEGO EditionsSmyths Toys

  1. LEGO 76391 Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Collector’s Edition Set

This LEGO set is suitable to play both for adults and the younger section of children. This piece is the costliest one, along with being the most interesting one available. 

  1. LEGO 75322 Star Wars Hoth AT-ST Walker and Chewbacca Set

This is one of the most premium LEGO sets available. This edition is the very first one on the Star Wars Hoth AT-St Walker and can easily be the best one to date.

  1. LEGO 42138 LEGO Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500 Race Car Toy

For toy car lovers, this is the latest and the most interesting LEGO edition at the toy shops. This can be the best display piece of Mustang Shelby FT-500 Race Car Toy, and you can get this at fair rates too. 

Final Thoughts: At Smyths Toys, you get the latest range of LEGO toys and that too in good stocks. You can visit the store whenever you need, and everything is at reasonable prices.

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